Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Tradition of Cooking with Bamboo

Travel story from Senopi village of Manokwari regency - in West Papua. At first I thought that Papuan do not have any traditions of cooking food inside bamboo. Well, I was wrong. The following photographs clearly show how the Papuan people in the Senopi village of Manokwari regency cook food inside bamboo. Their way of cooking is similar to how Minahasan tribe in North Sulawesi of Indonesia cook food inside bamboo.
Pork or meat that is cooked inside bamboo has a very good aroma especially when it had been mixed certain leaves or spices. The meat becomes tender after being heated. I like eating food which has been cooked with bamboo.
 Paul Warere took the photographs of this event in early March 2010. He went to Senopi village to attend the Gospel Preaching Day in the Senopi village. The villagers commemorate the date when Catholic priests entered the village to preach Gospel to indigenous Papuan people.
Besides being used as cooking media, bamboo is also used by the indigenous Papuan to collect the sap of the palm tree (arenga pinnata - latin). This sap or palm juice contains sugar which when fermented will turn into a strong alcoholic drinks. Paul also took pictures of how Papuan drink the palm juice from folded leaves.
Well, you are interested in traveling to Senopi village, I warn you not to drink this palm juice too much. You'll get drunk and can't control yourself. Don't worry the villagers won't angry with you. They will only laugh at you. Palm juice which has been fermented and distilled is a liquor that is banned by the local government.
If you want to travel to Senopi and Kebar valley, we can arrange a trip for you. Usually, tourists spend at least three days hiking, bird watching, deer watching, or swimming in the rivers there. Please, contact me by email to:
The above photographs were taken by Paul Warere using the photosmart camera feature of my HP iPAQ rx3000 series Mobile Media Companion. This is a versatile digital instrument which also has the function of pocket PC your travel companion. by Charles Roring
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