Sunday, June 10, 2012

Rainforest Flower Medinilla in Arfak mountains

In Hatam language, the following rainforest flower is called Yengum flower. It is from the genus of Medinilla. This ornamental flower plant is suitable for the landscaping of houses in high elevation or mountaineous region.
I saw the shrub when I accompanied 5 American visitors on a 4-day-3-night hiking tour in Arfak mountains. On the first day, we trekked the low elevation forest of Warkapi where we stayed there for one night at Camp Mawowi. The next day, we continued our trip to Kwau village by a 4WD car. We watch a tree kangaroo, bower bird and the magnificent birds of paradise. The trails to Camp Mawowi were very steep. Some portions of them were close to ninety degrees. Trekkers need to be extra careful when ascending and descending the steep slopes of this mountain range of Arfak. As a matter of fact, Arfak is one of the best destinations in the tropical region for trekking.
This trekking tour in Arfak mountains was part of an ecotourism tour packages that I have been promoting for nearly three years. The goal of this program is to preserve the rainforest and to provide employment opportunities to the local people.
After spending 4 days trekking in Arfak mountains of Manokwari, these American trekkers would continue their trips by Komodo liveaboard to Dore and Cendrawasih bays. by Charles Roring. To book a trekking tour in Arfak mountains, please, contact me via email:

Monday, June 4, 2012

Rainforest Flower Centrosema

This rainforest flower is called Centrosema molle. It is also called white blue vine. I saw it when hiking along the edge of the rainforest of Manokwari lowland. This vine flower plant needs sunlight to grow. It cannot grow under the canopy of dense tropical trees. This scrambling plant climbs trees and shrubs to reach branches and twigs that receive enough sunlight. Its trifoliate leaves are good for meat production. Under proper grazing management, the weights of meat cows, goats and sheep will increase if they eat centrosema. This plant is usually used as coper plant in plantation areas.
The tropical rainforest in Arfak mountains and the North Coast of Manokwari is rich of flower plants including orchids, rhododendron, nepenthes and thunbergia.
Hiking and Camping in Manokwari jungle
The best way to explore the rainforest of New Guinea is by hiking and camping. My favorite camping spot is the rainforest of Inggramui. There is a camp near Dopi river that was built for visitors. Hikers do not need to bring their own camp if they go hiking around Dopi river. Cooking and eating utensils are also available.
Customized Hiking Tour
I provide customized hiking and rainforest tours to anybody who is interested in appreciating the beauty of the rainforest. Visitors will not only see flowers in the jungle but also reptiles, insects (beetles and butterflies) as well as various species of birds including the birds of paradise. Here is my contact e-mail: if you want more information about the tour.