Private Tour in West Papua of Indonesia

West Papua is the western half part of New Guinea island that is now under the rule of Indonesia.

Its coastal environment is very rich of reef fish, corals and various species of marine creatures. The tropical rainforest of West Papua is the natural habitat of birds such as cockatoos, doves and pigeons, kingfishers and birds of paradise. 

bird of paradise watching tour
Magnificent Riflerbird (Ptiloris magnificus)

Although not very often, I sometimes receive request for solo traveler who wants to take private tour to enjoy the beauty of nature of West Papua. The duration of the tour, in general, is in the range of 1 to 2 weeks. The places that I usually put in the itinerary include Klasow valley of Sorong or Tambrauw regency, Raja Ampat islands, Kaimana and even to Wondiboy mountains near Wasior town of Wondama regency. 

The private tour combines several different activities such as day hiking and night walk in the jungle for watching birds, mammals, reptiles,and insects as well as swimming and snorkeling at the beach to see sea stars, fish, urchin, sea cucumber, anemone and hundreds of species of tropical reef fish. 

Devices and Field Guides

I usually bring binoculars, laser pointer, flashlight and camera for the rainforest tour. For field guide book, I usually use Birds of New Guinea by Thane K. Pratt, Bruce Beehler, et al. Books such as Ecology of Papua, and Reef Fish Identification - Tropical Pacific by Geral Allen et al. More info about flora and fauna of Papua can be read from inaturalist, Papua Insect Foundation and other relevant websites. 

swimming and snorkeling
Marine Tour

Tour participant who likes to see marine life by swimming and snorkeling can bring their own snorkeling device (mask, snorkeling pipe and swim fins). An underwater camera such as Nikon W300 or Olympus TG-6 can greatly enhance the snorkeling experience. 

In addition to wildlife watching tour in the forest, I often add additional trips to villages or traditional markets for tour participant to see what goods and services that local people buy and sell in their daily life. 

Tour to Other Provinces of Indonesia

West Papua is not the only region in Indonesia that I offer in private tour. I have guided visitors in Mount Kerinci and Way Kambas in Sumatra; Ramang- Ramang Karst, and the highland of Malino in South Sulawesi, Lore Lindu and Palu City in Central Sulawesi; Tangkoko Nature Reserve and Minahasa highland in North Sulawesi. I can organize and run private tour to these parts of Indonesia, if you send request to my email:

private tour with Charles Roring for birding, wildlife watching, snorkeling, culture tour
Flight route to Sorong city

How to get to West Papua?

Most visitors fly to Sorong city in West Papua region of Indonesia. Other cities that can be chosen are Manokwari, Biak, Jayapura and Merauke. Because I mostly run tours in Manokwari, Sorong regency, Raja Ampat islands and Tambrauw, the recommended entry point will be Sorong city. 


If you are interested in taking a private tour, please, contact me by sending message to my whatsapp: +6281332245180.

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