Thursday, April 15, 2010

Traveling to the Northern Coast of Manokwari

Pantura that's the local name of the white sandy beaches of the northern coast of Manokwari regency that are potential to be developed as tourist destination. Here travelers can hike, surf, swim and even watch birds along the Yonsoribo, Nuni and Asai beaches. In Asai and Kaki islands, tourists can also buy lobsters and fish from the local fishermen and grill them for their lunch or dinner. Please, see the photographs below about the scenery of the coastal region of Manokwari's pantura. They were shot by photographer Mikhail Trokhimenko using his Canon long lens camera.
There are not any hotels or resorts along this beach. The best way to enjoy the beauty of the northern coast region of Manokwari regency is by setting up camps and stay there for two or three days. The road along the Pantura area is good. You will not find difficulties in reaching the beach.
Bring your own surfboard if you want to surf on the beautiful waves that are flowing from the Pacific ocean. Ask the local villagers the best place for surfing where there are not any rocks around. Also bring your own snorkeling device such as mask, and fins if you want to enjoy snorkeling in Kaki island and Asai beach.
Russian tourist
There are not many tourists going to the northern beach of Manokwari because it has not been intensively promoted on the internet. I hope this post can give you a good preview of this beautiful beach. Campers need to buy enough food if they want to stay there for several days. It is easier to conduct bird watching along the coastal area, you need long lens digital camera and binoculars to spot the birds among the green leaves of the tropical rainforest of Papua.  
Russian tourist

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