Explore Sorong City and Its Surroundings

Sorong is the capital city of Papua Barat Daya (South West Papua) Province of Indonesia. It has got a population of nearly 300,000 people.

During the Dutch time, Sorong became the base for Nederlands Nieuw-Guinea Petroleum Maatschappij (NNGPM) that were doing exploration and exploitation of petroleum in this bird's head region.

It is now the main gate for visitors who travel to Raja Ampat islands and Tambrauw mountains. For visitors who have extra 1 or 2 days in this city, they can explore the nature of the city or the streets and alleyways of Sorong and meet its people. The first place that I highly recommend to visit is Dom island. It is just around 10 minutes by water taxi. There are old houses and buildings in Doom. Doom is a small island with quite crowded population. 

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tourist attractions in Sorong
Explore Sorong City and its surroundings

Doom used to be the administrative center of the Dutch. When Indonesia officially took over the control of West Papua on 1 May 1963, the administrative center was relocated to main Sorong city. 

Visitors could see old Dutch buildings mixed with houses of peoples in Doom island. There are fishermen's boats, water taxi and other marine vehicles which visitors could see in Doom. 

In addition to Doom, visitors can visit traditional markets that exist in Sorong to see various kinds of goods that people buy and sell in the market. 

For anyone who wants to have a good look Sorong city from a high point, the recommended site is Malanu hill. Visitors need to walk to reach the viewpoint. 

Another interesting place which tourists can visit is mangrove forest. It is the habitat of various species of birds including Olive-backed Sunbird, Sacred Kingfisher, Brown-backed Honeyeater, White-bellied Cuckooshrike, Orange-fronted Fruit Dove, and White-breasted Woodswallow. To enjoy birdwatching, visitors need to bring binoculars or cameras with telephoto lens. 

Visitors who like singing can visit karaoke parlours and sing with friends or accompanied by special attendants that are provided by the karaoke parlours. There is also cafe at the top of a hotel where visitors can enjoy having tea or coffee while lookong at the cityscape or the night's sky of the city. 

After walking, swimming, scuba diving in Raja Ampat or wildlife watching in Tambrauw, and visitors can take Sorong city sightseeing and nature tour. 

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