Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Butterfly Watching in Manokwari

Butterflies in Manokwari are beautiful insects which you can watched in the Table Mountain, in the Northern Coast region, in the islands of the Dorey bay and in the Arfak Mountain. Tropical butterflies of Papua island have many colors and are of various sizes. Butterflies can easily be found among vegetation that have flowers. Don't forget to bring your own binoculars and digital camera to photograph butterflies that have beautiful and colorful wings. 
If you want to study more about butterflies of Papua, you can check the book about it on I don't know whether such book exists or not. You can watch butterflies in north coast forest of Manokwari during the sunny days. To go hiking and butterfly watching in Arfak mountains, you can contact me Charles Roring as your guide via my email: or cell phone/ whatsapp +6281332245180.
Butterflying and insect watching in general is not a common activity that foreign tourists do when coming to Manokwari of West Papua, but as a tourist guide, I can escort you and show you around the places  where there are butterflies feeding on nectar in the wild flowers in the Table Mountain of Manokwari  city of the Papua Barat province of the Republic of Indonesia