Saturday, January 26, 2013

Birds of Paradise watching trip in Manokwari

Lesser Birds of Paradise in Arfak range of Manokwari
There are 39 species of birds of paradise in the world and most of them can be found in New Guinea. This tropical island is divided into 2 territories. The eastern region is the independent state of Papua New Guinea and the western one is West Papua that is under the rule of the Republic of Indonesia. There are 2 provinces in West Papua, i.e. Papua and Papua Barat. The capital of Papua is Jayapura and the capital of Papua Barat is Manokwari. 
Manokwari is a beautiful coastal city that has been considered as the best destination for birdwatchers. This town is not far from the mountain range of Arfak. Located in the south of the city, Arfak mountains are covered by dense tropical rainforest that are home to various species of birds of paradise. 
I personally have arranged tours and guided tourists to Arfak mountains, northern coast of Manokwari, Kaimana, Numfor island and Aiwatar hill in Tambraw regency of Papua Barat province. We saw various species of birds including Magnificent Birds of Paradise, Western Parotia, Lesser Birds of Paradise. We also see birdwing butterflies, beetles, tree kangaroo, cuscus possum, soa-soa, and snakes that live in the jungle of Manokwari and its surrounding regions.

Recommendes birding sites 
Some birding sites in Arfak mountains that I recommend are as follows
  • Mupi Gunung is for watching Blyth's hornbill, sulphur crested cockatoo, Lesser birds of paradise, Western Parotia, Vogelkop bowerbird, Flame bowerbird, blacksickle bill, brownsickle bill, Papuan frogmouth, and etc. Mupi Gunung is the best destination for anybody who is interested in everything rainforest. As a matter of fact, its vocal point for wildlife watching is tree kangaroo.
  • Warmarway village - this is the recommended site for watching Lesser birds of paradise. Lower montane forest birds such as sulphur crested cockatoo, pinon imperial pigeon and Brahminy kite can also be seen in the forest.
  • Kwau village (for watching Western Parotia, Magnificent birds of paradise, and Vogelkop bowerbirds). You need to take a long car trip from Manokwari to the village.

tree kangaroo
Traveling to Manokwari
It is not difficult to visit Manokwari.

  • Fly to Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.
  •  After that, take a domestic flight that is offered by Garuda Indonesia Airways, Lion Air, Sriwijaya Air, or Express Air to Manokwari. 
  • The next morning, you can continue your trip to the mountain range of Arfak to watch birds of paradise. You need to be physically fit if you want to go trekking birdwatching and wildlife watching in Manokwari.

I can arrange a birding and trekking trip for you. Your destinations can be Manokwari, Numfor island, Sorong regency, Kaimana or Raja Ampat. Please, contact me by e-mail to: or by sending text message to my cell phone: +6281332245180.