Saturday, April 13, 2013

White Flowers in Arfak Mountains

When I accompany tourists during their trekking tours in Arfak mountains, I often see various flowers that grow in the jungle. They are so colorful but there are some that are only or mostly white. The one that I saw in the elevation of approximately 2,010 meters above sea level was called Rhododendron Konori. The following photograph is the flower that I mean.
I also saw another species of flower plant that was growing on the trunk of a tree at an elevation of around 1,400 meters. I found some white flowers on the ground below the tree where the orchid grows. They were fragrant but I am not sure whether they fell from the same orchid plant.
 I took the picture of this orchid while I was trekking with four Thai tourists. We watched bowerbird, and saw some birdwing butterflies. If you know its English and Latin name, please, inform me by email to

Nuni Beach

I posted a photograph of Nuni beach in my Manokwari Ecotourism Facebook page this afternoon. My friends who saw the picture asked where it was. Nuni is located in the north coast of Manokwari city. It is a nice place for travelers who want to enjoy wave surfing during December to March. Across from the beach is a small tropical islet called Pulau Kaki. I visited the islet several times. It is a great place to enjoy snorkeling over the coral reef that thrive in the south of the islet. Visitors can rent a motorized boat from the nearby village to go to Pulau Kaki. The price is around 400 thousand rupiahs or approximately 51 US dollars. Visitors who goes to the island and enjoy snorkeling have to observe the water current that flows between the island and an a sand dune in its southeast waters particularly during the transition from low to high tide or its reverse. If it is too strong, the boat has to escort the snorkeler.

Most of the villagers work as farmers. They grow cacao trees to harvest their beans, they also have bananas, other fruit trees and vegetables. Some of the villagers work as fishermen. by Charles Roring
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