Sunday, April 25, 2010

Betel Nut "blood stains"

When travelers visit Manokwari or other towns in Papua, they will see red stains every where from the verandah of airport to the gutters of the traditional markets. These red stains were from the spit of people eating betel nut and sirih (betel vine). 
Jalan-jalan ke Papua
Local Papuan chew these sirih, pinang and kapur (lime powder) every day. This is a kind of traditional addiction. Here in Papua more people chew sirih pinang than smoke cigarette. They believe that people who chew the betel nut have teeth that are healthier than those who do not. So, when you are in Papua, don't be shocked or surprised when you see red stains every where. They are not blood, they are the stain of betel nut spat by the local people after chewing the pinang. by Charles Roring