Thursday, February 3, 2011

Papuan Cultural Street Parade in Manokwari on 3 February 2011

This afternoon, the streets of Manokwari city were crowded with people celebrating Papuan Cultural Street Parade. The event was conducted by GKI (Gereja Kristen Injili) in Papua land to commemorate the Gospel Landing Day in Mansinam island. On 5 February 1855, two European evangelists landed in Mansinam island to preach Gospel to Papuan people.
The families of the missionaries who used to serve the GKI church also attended the event. They are great granddaughter of Ottow and great grandsons of the Jens.
 Tomorrow they will go to Andai area to see the GKI church where their great-grandfathers used to work there too in 1800s.

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