Friday, February 4, 2011

A Little tour to Zendeling area in Andai of Manokwari

I guided the great-granddaughter of Ottow and her husband as well as the great-grandsons of Rev. W.L. Jens to Andai area of Manokwari. We went there to find the grave of the wife of Rev. W.L. Jens, the remnants of the missionary's house and the church near the bank of Andai river. We could not see many things. What we saw was an empty land filled with thick grass or bush. W.L. Jens worked in Doreh, Kwawi and Andai as priest and doctor from 1877 to 1899. After his first wife died, he married again to the daughter of Rev. F.J.F. van Hasselt.
Because we could not find the location the old church and the missionary's house, we asked the help of Rev. Drs. Terah Sombuk, M.Th. He had to leave his wife who is now ill at home in Kwawi to meet us in Andai for showing the real location of the old church and the missionaries' house which is now covered with grass and other green vegetation. During the World War II this historic Zendeling complex was destroyed by the Japanese troops and has never been restored again until now.
The Jens was sad that morning because they could not find the grave of their great-grandmother who died and buried just 20 meters from the front door of the missionary's house (according to the diary of W.L Jens).  
At 3.30 p.m. we left Aston hotel of Manokwari to Kwawi for taking a boat to Mansinam island. The Jens were happy to be in the island. they saw the well, the foundation of the old Church and drank some coconut juice at Peter Rumbruren's house.
Tomorrow they will attend the Gospel Preaching Day which is now concentrated near the front yard of Gereja Elim Kwawi of Manokwari with thousands of Christians. In that service, Renier Jens (representing the family of W.L. Jens) is going to officially give the diary (now in a published book) to GKI. They hope that the book will give more light to the history of GKI in Charles Roring

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