Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rainforest Insects Millipede

When I go hiking or mountain in the tropical rainforest of the Table Mountain, I often see insects. One species that is mostly found walking on the ground is millipede. An adult black millipede can reach a size of 15 cm. When it is young this insect has red color. When you accidentily step on it, its body will brake. This rainforest insect climbs a small plant at night. It will sleep there until morning time. Millipede is not an endangered species in the rainforest. There are a lot of species of insects in the tropical rainforest of West Papua. Some are facing extinction due to continuous hunting by butterfly and beetle collectors.
The photograph of the millipede above was made by a Mikhail Trokhimenko a Russian tourist who came with his wife and friend Dima to Manokwari in January 2010. Insects play a very important role in the ecosystem and food chain of rainforest. They assist the pollination of flowers and are prey to birds and reptiles particularly reptiles. by Charles Roring
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