Monday, November 29, 2010

Rainforest flowers pictures

Still on my discussion about rainforest flowers, the pictures that I got from morning walk near the tropical rainforest of Numfor island were quite interesting. I saw bougenville and rose-apple. For many of you, bougenville might not be a new tropical flower for you. Everybody recognizes it. It is not difficult to grow it. Flower growers like to join a number of twigs from different colors of bougenville into one plant. An adult bougenville can reach up to 3 meters height. Although it does not have strong fragrant, it is still attractive to all of us because it produces a lot of flowers. To grow buogenville just insert a stick of buogenville into loose soil and let it grow naturally. This bush plant needs water but it does not like wet ground.
Another tree flower that I saw in Numfor was rose-apple. Its flowers were red. They would change into fruits in a few weeks. Some species have sweet taste but most are sour. In Indonesia, the fruits of rose-apple are mostly used as ingridients in rujak (a kind of fruit salad) whose taste is a mixture of sweet, hot and spicy. Birds also like to eat the rose apple very much. Because the tropical rainforest of New Guinea has a lot of beautiful flowers, I will take more pictures of them if I do a morning walk again both in Manokwari or in Numfor island.
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