Friday, November 26, 2010

Tropical Rainforest Picture of Numpuri islet

Tropical rainforest in the Amberimasi village of Numfoor island is very rich of many species of green vegetation. From coconut to mangroves, these trees are homes to beautiful birds, and insects. According to the information about Schouten islands which I read in Wikipedia, the forest in Numfor island is considered unique due to its population of birds which are higher than the average areas of their mainland - the New Guinea island.
I was with two Dutch girls (Jettie and Monique) who were volunteers of SDSP Foundation in this beautiful tropical island from 23 to 26 November 2010. We stayed in the Losmen Amberimasi that was located just a stone throw away from the beach. It was really beautiful to be there. Surrounded by a small lagoon and Numpuri islet, the coastal region and the nearby forest were nice places for doing morning walk and bird watching. We woke up on Wednesday 24/11/2010 at around 5.30 a.m. After preparing our cameras, we started to "hunt" for birds. It was not difficult to find birds there. When we had just been a few meters from the losmen, we could hear lory, dove, and "burung pagi" (morning birds) sang their natural songs on the branches and leaves of the tropical trees. The sounds of birds singing in the morning could be heard from all corners. Our first observation was the sea and the Numpuri island. The reflection of the sky and clouds, the forest or trees of this islet looked perfect on the surface of the sea water which had not been disturbed by waves and ripples.
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