Sunday, May 13, 2012

Rainforest Flower Ipomoea Aquatica

The following flower in Latin is called Ipomoea Aquatica. This is a famous aquatic plant in the tropical regions. In Indonesia this plant is known as "kangkung." People eat both the stem and the leaves of kangkung as delicious vegetables. The kangkung vegetables can be served in raw or stir-fried with salt, onion and dried shrimp paste added to the dish. Although Ipomoea Aquatica has got beautiful flowers, they are not used in indoor decoration. In tropical rainforest, this plant grows in swamps or in the river with slow moving stream.
This rainforest flower has got several English names. Some of them are water spinach, water morning glory and water convolvulus. The stems of Ipomoea Aquatica are hollow enabling the plant to float on the water. I took the picture of these white flowers of the water spinach next to my parent's house in Amban area of Manokwari. 

Last week I was able to identify another white flower which I saw growing in Inggramui forest. Its name is Glory Vine (Faradaya Splendida). This vine flower releases very nice fragrant.
The biodiversity in the tropical rainforest of Manokwari is very high. That's why the rainforest is seen as a recommended hiking destination for tourists who want to see the beauty of nature of New Guinea. If you are interested in hiking in Manokwari, please, contact me via email:
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