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Bowerbird is a unique species of bird that you can watch in Arfak mountains. The male bird builds bower (an arch structure made of small wooden twigs) and decorates it with flowers, and other colorful articles to attract female birds. After neatly cleaning and arranging the bright objects at his display ground, the vogelkop bowerbird (Amblyornis inornatus) sings or imitates the sounds of other birds, dogs and even humans to seduce his female bowerbirds. If the female is interested to see his bower, she will land and inspect the decoration. When she is pleased with it she will allow him to approach her for mating. The Vogelkop Bowerbird in Arfak mountains has been one of the most popular tourist attractions. Birders from every corner of the world fly to Manokwari city just to watch the bird.
In addition to the vogelkop bowerbird, the mountain range of Arfak and the north coast of Manokwari have got a number of species that are worth watching such as the lesser birds of paradise (paradisaea minor), western parotia (parotia sefilata), pinon imperial pigeon, beautiful fruit dove, kingfisher, the blyth's hornbill (rhyticeros plicatus) and many others.
Watching Lesser Birds of Paradise
The lesser birds of paradise can be watched in the tropical rainforest of Inggramui and in Warmarway. The male birds of paradise perform courtship dance in the morning between 06.00 and 09.00 on the branches of a tree to attract their females. Even though the sun has risen in the east during those hours, under the canopy of the big trees, it was dark. Birders need to practice taking pictures of subjects in low light condition to obtain the best photographs. Using a tripod is highly recommended. Because the location of the birdwatching place is far from the city, birders must bring extra batteries for their photographic and video devices. The birdwatching tour package that I offer through this blog is aimed at supporting the local indigenous Papuan in protecting these animals so that the hunting of the birds can be stopped. For further information about the birding and hiking tour package, please, download the brochure that I have prepared on the top left corner of this blog or contact me at
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