Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rainforest of Aiwatar Hill in District Senopi The Best Birding Destination in West Papua

I have traveled to many places in the bird's head region of New Guinea on various hiking and birding trips but the only place that I really admire for its abundance of birdlife is the Aiwatar Hill in District Senopi of Tambrauw Mountains.
When I was traveling with two European tourists in Senopi, I saw various species of birds such as the lesser bird of paradise (paradisaea minor), Blyth's hornbill (rhyticeros plicatus), yellow faced mina (mino dumontii), various fruit doves, goliath cockatoo (probosciger aterimus), great cuckoo dove (macropygia nigrirostris), rainbow lorikeet, and some other birds that I could not identify. The best way to watch birds in Aiwatar hill is by setting up a campsite at the foot of the hill. At dawn, you need to walk up the slopes of the hill to reach it before sunrise. When the sun light hits the tree tops and the ground of the hill, birds will begin to land on the ground to drink the warm salty water that springs out of the sharp porous rocks. Don't forget to bring extra batteries for your camera because you will have endless subjects to shoot. Bring your sleeping bag and tent if you want to stay for several days in Aiwatar.
During the hiking and rainforest tour in Senopi, I also saw snake, deers, cow and kangaroo. I consider my trip to Aiwatar hill of District Senopi as my best birding trip so far in my life. I have been to Arfak mountains, Numfor island, the Northern Coast of Manokwari, Bintuni and Kais river in the south of the bird's head region of New Guinea for exploring their tropical rainforests but I still consider Aiwater Hill of District Senopi as the richest place in terms of birdlife.
So, if you are interested in visiting Senopi for hiking, butterfly and birdwatching, you can contact me via email: peace4wp@gmail.com for detailed cost estimation and my guiding services.
Located between Sorong and Manokwari regencies, District Senopi is can be reached by car and airplane. The cheapest way to go to Senopi is by airplane. First, you need to fly with Susi Air from Manokwari to District Kebar before continuing your trip by car to Senopi. However, if you are traveling in a group of tree or four people with heavy camping gear and optical devices for hiking and watching birds, you can share the cost of the car transportation and accommodation during the trip. by Charles Roring
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