Monday, June 20, 2011

Rainforest Flower from Passion fruit

Flower from Markisa or internationally passionfruit is very beautiful. The white petals of the flower support the purple striped filaments that surround the style. Markisa is a delicious fruit that we can eat while traveling in Arfak mountains. Its taste is a combination of sweet and a little bit sour. When it is ripe, its skin surface looks yellow. The extract of the passionfruit is used to make syrup. Because the plant is a herbaceous vine, this rainforest flower needs supporting trees or wooden frames to grow well. In addition to passionfruit flower, tourists can also see various species of other rainforest flowers that are endemic to the tropical rainforest of New Guinea island. Because flowers have close connection with insects, particularly the butterflies, tourists can enjoy butterfly watching in Arfak mountains too.
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