Sunday, June 19, 2011

Clean Water Facility for Papuan people in Akmuri village of District Kebar

Last week I, together with Yerry and Iwan, accompanied Wally and Coby - two volunteers from the Netherlands to Akmuri village in Tambrauw mountains. Wally and Coby would build a clean water facility for the villagers there. It took around six hours from Manokwari city to Akmuri village by a 4WD car. However, the ride can be longer during bad weather condition. The indigenous Papuan people were very happy to receive us in their village. They worked hard to build a water tower, dug a well and made a washing platform in one week. The fund for the construction of this clean water facility was raised by Wally and Coby from members of a Protestant church in the Netherlands, his friends and some children in their neighborhood. Wally is a staff of SDSP. This Foundation has been working in West Papua for tens of years trying to improve the health condition of mothers and children as well as the standard of living of Papuan people.
Akmuri is also a potential destination for tourists who want to see the beauty of the tropical rainforest of New Guinea island that is rich of animals and plants. From this village, tourists can see the unique biodiversity of this tropical island. Butterfly watching, bird watching and hiking are some of the outdoor activities which tourists can enjoy in Akmuri village of Kebar valley. If you are interested in visiting West Papua and want me to accompany you as your guide, please contact me by email

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