Friday, June 24, 2011

Tourists Destination in Manokwari's Arfak mountains

I have been promoting Arfak mountains as tourist destination for foreign travelers since the last two years. I am quite happy with the result because the number of visitors is increasing from time to time. The main objective of the promotion of this mountain range is to preserve the tropical rainforest and the high bio-diversity in it and at the same time to create jobs to the local Papuan people. If you are now thinking of visiting Manokwari in the coming months, I recommend Arfak mountains as your destination.
Here are a number of interesting places to visit:
Syoubri village - you can walk up the slopes above the village to watch bower birds, western parotia and also explore the nearby river at night for watching tropical frogs.
Kwau village - this village is quite isolated from the main road. For elderly tourists the time they spent to reach the tourist house is two hours. If you are an energic person, you might only need around 1 hour. The places for watching the magnificent birds of paradise (Cincinnurus Magnificus) are only five to ten minutes walk from the tourist house. The bird watching huts for bower bird and western parotia are even closer to the main road. For Kwau village, you can also learn traditional medicine that has been practiced by the local people for generations. Insect watching for butterfly, spider and beetles is also an interesting activity that tourists can do in Arfak mountains.
Other interesting destinations for foreign travelers are Minyambouw, and Anggi. Anggi lakes have been listed in Lonely Planet's travel guide book for years. Don't forget to bring warm clothing if you want to go to Arfak mountains.
If you are not used to staying in cold climate region, you still can see the rainforest of Arfak mountains that are located in lowlands. My recommendation will be Warkapi village. You can go there by public transportation or rental car. Although Warkapi is easy to be reached from the city, it does not have guesthouse for tourists. So, you need to bring your own tent. Other important items that you must not forget to bring are flash lights, and food.
If you still need more information about traveling in Manokwari and its surrounding villages, don't forget to contact me via my email:

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