Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Whaleshark Watching

Some people who want to go to West Papua often ask me whether I also arrange snorkeling trip to waters where they can watch whale shark. Through this post, I want to say: Yes, I do. However, because whale sharks that you want to see live in their natural habitat, I cannot fully guarantee that you will always find them when we go to the usual place where they play or come to eat ikan puri. Whale shark snorkeling is a favorite activity in the eco-tourism world. The place where visitors can go to watch these is in the front waters of Bitsyari bay between Namatota and mainland West Papua. From my personal experience, I highly recommend the Bitsyari bay.
Whaleshark watching
Bitsyari bay of Kaimana
Visitors need to fly from their country to Jakarta. The next flight to Kaimana town can be done by taking Lion Air and then Wings Air. It takes around one and a half hour by speed boat to the bay for watching whale shark. The best time to see whale shark is early in the mornings.
The best time to see the whale shark is during the puri fish season and when there is no moon at night. Puri fish is tiny fish that the whale sharks like to eat. This tiny fish is collected by fishermen at their bagan (floating fishing platform). I can arrange such trip to anybody who is interested in watching whale sharks. To share the cost of transportation and accommodation, you had better travel in a group of at least 2 or 4 people.
I offer 5 days/ 4 nights Sightseeing and Snorkeling Tour in Kaimana regency where visitors could see beautiful marine landscape, a lot of species of fish and birds.
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by Charles Roring/ E-mail: peace4wp@gmail.com