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The sea as the source of art inspiration for Papuan

My review about Mr. Tony Mansiraken Krey a famous Papuan artist from Manokwari. When you go around the Manokwari city, you will see several big concrete statues in public places, various sculptures in government buildings and hotels that most of them were created by him who only lives a simple life. Every day he is called Tonci Krey.
This West Papuan artist is a prominent one - I dare to say. Besides creating artworks in the form of paintings, drawings, and carvings, he writes a lot to record the talents of the people living in this Dorey bay and Geelvink bay of Papua that are historically related to Papuan art and culture. He has written hundreds of pages of articles and draw design styles that belong to tribes in the Geelvink bay. Unfortunately, most of his manuscripts haven't been published waiting for philanthropists to help him fund the publications of his books.

Thonny Mansiraken Krey used to read folk stories in local state owned radio. He says that he writes folk stories and draw motifs, art styles, images, symbols, decoration and ornaments to preserve them for future Papuan generations. In  most of his artworks, he showed how the Papuan islanders are closely attached to marine environment. The sea has been their source of food and art inspiration, the place where they grew up. Although some of his written works have been published by Stichting Duurzame Samenleving Papua Barat (SDSP), many are still in manuscripts. West Papuan people are facing the impact of globalization and population pressure. Rapid development and modernization, as well as interaction with Indonesian from other islands outside Papua will bring deep changes to Papuan cultural values. Before this culture becomes relics, Mr. Krey writes it.
For instance, Mr. Krey said that islanders of Geelvink or Cendrawasih bay do not eat certain species of endangered fish such as dolphins or turtles. They believe that their ancestors were from these fish species. Perhaps, they do not know the theory of evolution from Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace. What they know is that if they eat or kill the fish, their villages will experience misfortunes. This kind of believes or mythology have indirectly protected the endangered marine species from extinction, and maintained the balance of marine ecosystem. His manuscripts will help explain to the “civilized world” how the indigenous people through their local wisdom protect and hand over their precious marine environment to future Papuan generations. In his old age, Thonny Mansiraken Krey still devotes his time creating artworks and writing. If you want to visit or talk to him, here is his address:
Mr. Tonci Krey
Jalan Pasir Putih No. 83 (next to the Ketapang boat terminal)
Kwawi, Manokwari, West Papua
Cell phone: +6281344937392
It is not difficult to meet Mr. Krey. Just ask ojek (motorcycle taxi) to bring you to Pelabuhan Perahu Ketapang in Kwawi area. His house is next to the Ketapang tree. If you still are not sure which his house is, ask the people around and they will tell you where Pak Tonci Krey’s house is. by Charles Roring
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Update Friday, 03 August 2012. Mr. Krey died in a motorcycle accident several months ago. It's a great loss to Papua. 

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