Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lucky Kaikatui—an oil painting artist

The first Papuan artist whom we are going to visit is Lucky Kaikatui, master of oil painting. His house is located behind the building of a junior high school). At the foot of the Table Mountain of Manokwari just a few steps away from the rainforest, Lucky built his home there and is making it as his studio and painting gallery. The painting of the birds of paradise in his living room is his first artwork which we will admire when arriving at his doorstep. Many of his paintings are about the birds of paradise that were dancing on the branches of the trees.
He gives special attention to paint birds of paradise because he knows that this is the most threatened species that we all have to protect. Through his paintings, he urges people to stop shooting birds and begin to appreciate them as the natural heritage of the Papuan people. Most of Lucky’s paintings are about the daily livelihood of the indigenous people, the scenery of the traditional villages, landscape and animals. When you have a conversation with him, you will feel how he loves nature and wants to create awareness among his fellow Papuan people to preserve the forest and marine environment for future generations. In 1990s, he traveled and stayed in Jakarta, Jogjakarta and Ubud (Bali) to study modern paintings. When he returned to Papua, he devoted his time painting and teaching youths about art. Also read

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