Friday, March 19, 2010

Paul Warere a multi-talented artist

He can draw, paint, sing, carve, and play some musical instruments such as the guitar and tifa (a traditional Papuan drum made of hollow wood and covered with animal skin). For him, art has been an integral part of his life. At the moment, he is drawing a lot of pictures which describe how the indigenous Papuan interact with nature  and their fellow tribesmen. He tries to explain to young Papuan generations how to preserve the natural environment of Papua using the local wisdoms that he present through his paintings and drawings. Some of  his drawings have been printed into beautiful postcards and bookmarks that are now being sold at Xavier bookstore and YAT Losmen.

You can see some of his artworks at painting and drawing gallery of Papuan artists. Paul likes watercolor, a painting media that is difficult to be controlled even by experienced artists. When creating an artwork, he, at the same time, prepares its background story that will later be printed at the back of the postcard. His artworks are strongly rooted in the daily life of the indigenous Papuan people.  For instance, the drawing of a woman fishing at the bank of a small river which you can see above. The woman did not use nylon string and plastic net pocket. She used string that was made of twisted gnetum gnemon’s fiber, a tropical plant whose leaves are delicious vegetable dishes. For the fish hook, she used animal bone.
Besides being an artist, Paul Warere also works as a volunteer forest ranger for Table Mountain which is located behind his home. I often ask him to accompany tourists who want to travel around the Table Mountain to enjoy hiking, bird watching, or caving inside the tropical jungle. There are a number of medicinal plants which can be used to cure malaria, high fever, and other diseases. Paul would be glad to explain about them if you walk with him inside the forest. Paul loves music. He is a member of his campus choir. He studies Financial Management. by travel writer Charles Roring
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