Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Two Norwegian Students Suffer from Malaria Tropica

Despite Suffering from Tropical Malaria, two Norwegian researchers continue working on gathering data in the villages of Manokwari regency related to their thesis works. Linda and Tan have to face hot weather (up to 30 degrees celcius) during the day and tropical mosquitoes at night. Both are now suffering from malaria, a deadly disease in Papua. It is amazing to see how these Norwegian students are not worried about their health condition. It is clear that their physical condition is not well enough to do such field work but malaria cannot stop them. This morning, I and Iva escorted Linda to Poliklinik Santa Monica, which is run by Catholic sisters, to meet dr. Peter. The doctor gave her three Sundox (malaria pills) which are meant to eliminate the malaria from her. He said that Linda must take a rest but she insisted on continuing her field research before flying to Jakarta ten days from now. Linda also suffers from stomach pain. Sudden change in weather and food make these Norwegian students fall ill during their field research. Well, I hope that they will get better before flying back to their country, Norwegia.

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