Monday, February 1, 2010

Gospel Landing Day in Manokwari

It is 2 February 2010 right now. In three days to come, town dwellers in Manokwari will celebrate the Gospel Landing Day in Mansinam island. On 5 February 1855, two European evangelists (Ottow and Geissler) landed on this island to preach Gospel or Christianity to the indigenous Papuan. According to a book entitled The Malay Archipelago by Alfred Russel Wallace, Mr. Otto had a wife who helped him during his works in Mansinam island.
Thousands of people from every corner of Papua land will gather in Mansinam island of Manokwari regency to pray for this island. There are many celebrations held by the committe such as choir competition, street parade, boat rowing competition and traditional dances. Now the event has been put by various travel books in a chapter about West Papua. 

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