Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Jungle Tour in Sorong

I often organize birding and wildlife watching tours in Sorong regency for tourists who want to take land trips in mainland of West Papua before and after their trip to Raja Ampat. 
The lowland rainforest in the jungle of Sorong is the natural habitat of a lot of species of birds including Western-crowned Pigeon, Golden Myna, Eclectus Parrot, Yellow-faced Myna, Lowland Peltop, Hooded Butcherbird, Dollarbird, Black Lory, Black-capped Lory, Coconut Lorikeet, Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, Eclectus Parrot, Large Fig Parrot, Pinon Imperial Pigeon, Pink-spotted Fruit  Dove, Brown Cuckoo Dove, Beautiful Fruit Dove, Orange-bellied Fruit Dove, and a lot more. There is a huge rainforest in eastern area of Sorong regency. It is a good place for visitors who like birdwatching and wildlife watching in general. For birding in an open area along the road or village border around the forest, the I use spotting scope. 
Golden Myna in Sorong forest of West Papua, Indonesia
Golden Myna
Visitors who are interested in taking this land tour in mainland West Papua should bring binoculars, camera, flashlight, trekking boots or hiking shoes, insect repellent lotion. Don't forget to also bring anti leech sock if you like to explore the deeper part of the rainforest. In my previous birding tours with some tourists from Australia and the United States, I bring a bluetooth speaker. I played the sounds of several birds such as Common Paradise Kingfisher, Red-breasted Paradise Kingfisher, Rufous-bellied Kookburra and Yellow-billed Kingfisher to attract them to where I and my clients were when we were walking in the forest. Some of the birds came out of their hiding places and we were able to see the birds well. 
Western-crowned Pigeon in Sorong forest
Western-crowned Pigeon
I usually bring field guide book Birds of New Guinea written by Thane K. Pratt and Bruce Beehler. Today there is a similar book written by Phil Gregory. These are the main references for birwatchers who plan to take rainforest birding trip in New Guinea. 
Rainbow Bee-eater
Rainbow Bee-eater
In addition to birdwatching, I also conduct night walk for visitors who want to see wallaby. The lowland forest of Sorong is an ideal site for watching this marsupial animal. Insect lovers can also take this tour to see cricket, spider, snout beetle, butterfly, stick insect, and moth. Sometimes we see soa-soa monitor lizard, and snakes.
Cruiser butterfly
Cruiser Butterfly
The duration of the birding tour is between 3 to 4 days depending on how many birds and other wild animals you want to see.  I can pick up tour participants at Domine Eduard Osok ((DEO) airport, a hotel in the city, at ferry harbor or Usaha Mina ferry harbor in Sorong city.
Hotel in Sorong
After taking the tour in the forest, participants may need to stay in a hotel in Sorong city before flying back to their country. There are a lot of hotels which they can choose such as Swissbel hotel, Belagri hotel, Mamberamo hotel, Family Guardian, M Express, Mariat, Fave hotel and etc. Tourists can book the hotel through internet.
To book your jungle tour in Sorong, please, contact me (Charles Roring) by whatsapp to +6281332245180. I can also be contacted by email to: peace4wp@gmail.com

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