Saturday, February 15, 2020

Watching King Bird of Paradise with 5 German Tourists

I guided 5 German tourists today in Susnguakti forest of Manokwari. We went there to watch King Bird of Paradise that usually dances in the mornings and in the afternoons before sunset time. Their tour organizer was Irawan Halir from the North Sulawesi. We left by a chartered vehicle at 04.30 for the forest. 
Arriving at the entrance site, we got off the vehicle and started hiking to our basecamp. We needed around 1 hour to reach it. It was around 06.30 when we arrived. Because the King Bird of Paradise showed up later, we decided to go to the blind of Magnificent Riflebird. Thirty minutes later, we continued our morning walk to watch Lesser Birds of Paradise. We watched the birds for around 30 minutes and then returned to our basecamp to have our morning tea or coffee. We enjoyed hot tea, coffee and milk with some biscuits and rambutans. 
Birdwatching tour in Susnguakti forest
King Bird of Paradise
Fifteen minutes later, we continued our tour in the rainforest by hiking to the watching site of King Bird of Paradise. When we reached, the bird had not shown up. But we could hear his calls. We sat on the ground with binoculars and camera in our hands. I also prepared my spotting scope which I aimed at the vines where the King Paradise Bird usually sits while waiting for his female counterpart. Minutes later, he flew to the vines and started jumping among them several times. He sat on a hanging liana under a left branch above our heads. The German tourists began taking pictures of the bird. We watched the bird for around 1 hour. We saw the female one too. She showed up later. Other birds that we saw were Frilled Monarch. The calls of Magnificent riflebird, Northern Variable Pitohui, Papuan Pitta, Hooded Butcherbird and Long-tailed Buzzard could also be heard inside the forest. 
We went back to our basecamp and had lunch. The ingredients consist of rice, kangkung (vegetables), fried tuna, sliced ham, and noodle soup.
German visitors with local guides in Manokwari of Indonesia after watching King Bird of Paradise
German tourists with local guides
We walked back to the main road at 13.30 and then headed to the village where we stayed to write the guestbook and saw how local villager made fire using traditional match made of bamboo, palm fiber and granite stone. Villagers gave us rambutan, and soursop.
Our car showed up later. We returned to Manokwari city at around 3 p.m. It was a nice adventure tour.
Here is my contact number: +6281332245180. You could send whatsapp message to book your trip to this forest of Manokwari.

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Written by Charles Roring

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