Friday, June 28, 2019

Small White Rose and Red Rose as well as other Flowers

I saw small white rose and red rose today at the side of the street near the main cross-road of the old downtown of Manokwari. The rose plants, together with other flower plants were grown as hedgerow in the frontyard of a house. Across from the roses plants, on the other side of the street was the compound of army MP. 
White Rose
Red Rose
I had my usual afternoon walking exercise again today around my neighborhood. This time I chose a different route. I started by walking up the slope road behind my house passing through the Catholic junior high and elementary schools and church complex. There I saw several kinds of flowers. I was familiar with such names as plumeria, bougainvillea, and hibiscus but there were other flowering plants whose names I did not know. 
Brown Hibiscus
I took pictures of the flowers and continued walking to a soccerfield behind the army compound. I arrived there early and only saw some youth jogging around the tracks. However, I heard very loud shooting sounds from guns. Some soldiers were practicing target shootings at the field next to the football field. It was safe for us civilians to continue our sports activity side by side with the soldiers because they did their shooting exercise in a closed building. The directions of their shootings were  to the forest away from soccerfield.
Black jack flowers bidens pilosa
Hairy Beggar Tick Flowers (Bidens pilosa)
At the walking path that led me to the soccer field, I saw a bee that was collecting nectar from Bidens pilosa flowers. They were also called black-jack or hairy-beggar ticks flowers. In Indonesian, they are called Bunga Ajeran or Ketul. Actually, this grass flower is known to have some medicinal benefits. It is used for the treatment of toothache, abscess, and bruises. 
Bengal clock vine flower thunbergia grandiflora
Blue Trumpet Vine
Can any body help me identify this flower?

After completing circling the field for three times, I walked down to the downtown to buy some softdrink and fried sausage. There is still one species of flower that I want to know. It was blooming on a small flower plant in front of my house.
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