Saturday, June 15, 2019

Coral Reef - the Flowers of the Sea

I spend much of my time in Sorong and Raja Ampat now. I usually go snorkeling and freediving at Warduwer beach. It is located in southern region of Waigeo island. The coral reef of Warduwer beach is very beautiful. It is colorful and looks like underwater flowers. There are a lot of fish that live in them including anemonefish, butterflyfish, moorish idol, damselfish, parrotfish, wrasse, coris, and a lot more. 
Christmas Tree Worms
Christmas Tree Worm in Raja Ampat
Christmas Tree Worms are some of the many marine creatures that are similar to flowers. They have got vivid colors such as blue, orange, yellow, red and purple. They live by catching or filtering tiny food objects or microorganism. Because of this filtering function, Christmas Tree Worms play important roles in making the sea clean. There are also sea anemone whose forms are similar to flowers. They become the "nests" for fish like Orange Skunk Anemonefish, Red and Black Anemonefish as well as Spinecheeck Anemonefish. Sea Anemone maybe harmful for other fish but not for the clownfish.
Coral Reef Environment in Warduwer Beach
 There are also burrowing clams that build their houses by sinking their shells into the surface of big rocks in a very slow rate. They filter food from the sea.
Coral reef has got functions that is similar to rainforest. It is the natural habitat of a lot of marine creatures. Therefore, they have to be preserved.
Burrowing Clams
Burrowing Clams
In addition to burrowing clams, christmas tree worm, table coral, cauliflower corals, there is also Pulsating Xenid (Heteroxenia fuscescens) that visitors can see in the waters of Warduwer beach of Waigeo island. It is a species of soft coral that lives in shallow water. It has got tentacles with polyps whose appearance are similar to small flowers. The movements of tentacles in the waters are influenced by waves and sea current. Its polyps open and close in a pumping or pulsating movement to filter food or nutrients from the sea.
Pulsating Xenid
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