Friday, June 14, 2019

Evening Bird in Raja Ampat

A few days ago I had an evening bird walk at Warduwer beach. It was located in southern region of Waigeo island. As usual, I brought my Canon 200D and Tamron 150-600 mm lens as my photograhic device. I did not have special target to shoot. The first bird that I saw near the entrance gate to the beach was a Helmetted-Friarbird. He made some calls but later was busy with his prey.
Helmetted Friarbird
Helmetted Friarbird at Warduwer Beach of Raja Ampat
There were a couple of Yellow-faced Myna. They were sitting on the branches of a small tree. It was quite difficult for me to shoot them. I looked around the beach to find the best spot and was very happy to find a small sand hill near the tree. I walked up to the top of the hill and carefully adjusted my camera to adapt with the light condition. I raised my camera and aimed it at the birds. I shot them several times but later made several adjustments on the settings of the camera to get better quality pictures out of the camera.
Birds of Raja Ampat
Yellow-faced Myna
A crow landed on the lower branch of the same tree while I was busy making photographs of the myna. I shot the bird again but shortly after that she flew away.
Torresian Crow
After shooting the bird, I walked down the sand hill to the beach. The sun slowly disappeared from the horizon. I walked to the beach and tried to find if there were birds among the green vegetation that were standing near the sea water. I saw Sacred Kingfisher sitting on a stone but it was too far from me. Beach Kingfisher flew fast in front of me. It was evening time and the sea was in low tide. An Eastern Reef Egret landed on an exposed hard coral. I made some pictures of the bird too.
Pacific Reef Egret (Ardea modesta)
Eastern Reef Egret (Ardea modesta) at Warduwer beach
Beach Resort, House Reef and Snorkeling
Evening was a good time for birding at Warduwer beach. Soon Raja Ampat Flow (RAFLOW) Resort will begin its operation at the beach. This beach resort will become an ideal place for visitors who like birdwatching and snorkeling.
The house reef of RAFLOW Resort is in very good condition. There are a lot of fish that snorkelers can see while swimming over coral reef. Some of them include Moorish Idol, Butterflyfish, Anemonefish, Three-spot Dascyllus, Parrotfish, and even the Wobbegong, and Stonefish.
Coral reef ecosystem
Marine Life in Raja Ampat

How to get there?

  • It is easy to visit and stay at Raja Ampat Flow Resort. First, you need to fly from your country to Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.
  • Second, you continue your flight to Sorong city.
  • Arriving at Domine Eduard Osok Airport of Sorong, you need to go to Pelabuhan Rakyat by airport taxi. The usual price is 100,000 rupiahs per taxi (one way). Ir can carry around 4 people.
  • The price of the ticket for crossing by ferry from Sorong to Waisai town is 100,000 rupiahs per person. 
  • Arriving at the harbor, visitors are usually asked by government officers of Raja Ampat regency to pay entrance fee: 1,000,000 rupiahs per person.
  • After that they can use taxi or be picked up by shuttle hus to Raja Ampat Flow Resort.

If you are interested in taking a combined Snorkeling and Birding Tour in Raja Ampat, please, contact me by email to: or by whatsapp to: +6281332245180.