Thursday, September 27, 2012

3 Hiking and Camping Trip Destinations in West Papua

As a tour guide, I have accompanied a lot of tourists on various hiking and camping trips in West Papua. From all of the outdoor adventure trips destinations that I have done, there are three places that I like the most.

  1. Aiwatar hill - It is still placed on the top list of the hiking and camping trip destinations that I recommend it for you. It is located in District Senopi. To reach the hill, you need to fly to Manokwari city and continue your trip by airplane to District Kebar. After that, you can walk or hitchhike a truck to District Senopi. The next morning, if you are fit enough to walk, you can leave the village for the hill. It takes around five hours walking through the jungle and crossing rivers to get to Aiwatar. The scenery of the tropical rainforest with some big and small rivers will make you feel that you are in the middle of nowhere. During your hiking trip in the rainforest of Senopi, you may be able to see deers, birds of paradise, ornate lory, goliath cockatoo, kangaroo,  and various other animals live in the region. 
  2. Asai  - This hiking and camping trip destination is located in the north coast of Manokwari regency. The tropical rainforest of Asai is rich of bio diversity. It is the natural habitat of cuscus, sulphur crested cockatoo and snakes. As you walk deeper into the jungle, you will see more birds, and unique plants. You will be surrounded by green vegetation. Don't forget to bring sleeping bag and waterproof camping tent if you want to stay for several nights at the bank of Asai river.  In addition to hiking, cycling from Manokwari town to Asai village is also possible to be carried out by travelers. I personally have done it twice. On the average, a cyclist needs four hours to reach Asai. Before leaving the town, the cyclist needs to check all the gear mechanism and tires of his or her bike are in good working order.
  3. Camp Dopi of Inggramui forest - This is a hiking tour destination that is not far from Manokwari city. So, it is the cheapest place to go compared to the above destinations. I have guided European and American tourists to Dopi river. Blyth's hornbills usually fly above our heads when we walk through the stream of the river. If you spend at least one night camping at the bank of Dopi river, you will have the opportunity to go to the dancing site of the lesser birds of paradise. Monitor lizards, kangaroo and deers live in the jungle of this river too. You may see them while hiking through the rainforest of Dopi river. If you want to watch birds of paradise, don't forget to bring a pair of binoculars or telephoto camera with extra batteries.
For all of your hiking and camping trips in this tropical rainforest of West Papua, bring tent. If you take a tour from me, the tent will be provided by me. If you decide to bring your own tent, it has to be water resistant. The material should be light.