Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Adventure Tour in Triton bay of Kaimana

I went to Kaimana town last week. This town is famous for its sunset. I accompanied a Canadian who wanted to see the Iris strait, Bitsyari bay and Triton bay. The waters between Cape Bitsyari and Namatota island is the site for watching whaleshark. The landscape and seascape of Triton are very beautiful. I saw various species of birds (including Blyth's hornbills, sulphur crested cockatoo, black butcher bird, bats), butterflies and fish.
The waters of Bitsyari bay, Triton bay and Iris strait have got tens of sites covered with pristine coral reef and thousands of species of fish including the whale sharks and the Triton bay's endemic walking shark Hemiscyllium henryi.
White Sandy beach in Iris Strait of Kaimana
Looking at these pictures, you will think that they are worth visiting. Yes, you should go there if you are planning a trip to West Papua of Indonesia. You can swim at a river or at a secluded white sandy beach where no other tourists around. Or you can walk through the tropical jungle of Aiduma island. Don't forget to bring mosquito repellent lotion and tents.
How to get there?
If you want to visit Kaimana, please, contact me first by email.
After that I will make a calculation of the budget based on the duration of the tour and places that you want to visit. When you agree with the cost, you could transfer the money to me so that I could make preparation of the trip for you.
Fly from your country to Jakarta, after that continue your trip by flying to Ambon. Garuda, and Lion Air (Wings Air) have got flights to Kaimana.
Sunset in Triton Bay of
Kaimana regency West Papua
You will always remember Kaimana after having a trip to the region. You could travel alone as a single visitor or travel as a group at least 4 people to share the cost of boat and accommodation.
Raja Ampat Snorkeling Tour
I also offer snorkeling and sightseeing tour to Raja Ampat islands where visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the landscape and the underwater marine environment of the regency.
There are two different itineraries:
  • The first one goes to Kri - Mansuar - Kabui bay or The Passage - Pianemo.
  • The second one goes to northeast Raja Ampat, particularly to Yenbekaki - Warebar river - Yenandau beach - Mamiaef island - Dolphins lagoon
Don't forget to bring snorkeling mask, fins, and underwater camera if you want to take the tour.
So, please, contact me by e-mail to if you want to go there. After visiting Kaimana, you could continue your trip to other places in West Papua such as Sorong for jungle tour in Klasow valley. by Charles Roring