Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rainforest flowers in Inggramui village of Manokwari

Tropical rainforest in New Guinea is home for various species of flowers that have got beautiful forms and colors. For example an orange flower that I saw while hiking with 2 Dutch tourists last August 2011 in the jungle of Inggramui village. This tropical rainforest flower is unique because it looks like a flame that is burning from a torch. Unfortunately, I don't know the name of this species both in English or Latin. If you know it, please contact me.
I shot it using my pocket camera - Panasonic Lumix DMC FT3. It is an ideal photographic equipment for someone like me who likes traveling in the rainforest. Its waterproof construction is useful when I want to take pictures of subjects in environment that is wet or whose humidity is very high. Besides this orange flower, I also saw some beautiful white flowers that bloom out from hanging vines near a river. They are so beautiful and fragrant. I believe that these fragrant flowers can be cultivated for making perfume or other cosmetic products.
Post Update on 6 May 2012:
A girl from Surrey, Georgina, sent me an email last week and told me that the above flowers could be the Faradaya splendida (commonly known as the Glory Vine) or something similar to it. Because this flower plant grows near the river, I conclude that it needs plenty of water to survive. I also did type the Latin name plant which she gave me in Google to verify its name. The results showed that this flower plant looks the same as the one described as faradaya splendida. I am quite happy with the success of this identification effort. Thank you Georgie :)
In addition to orange and white flowers, I also saw purple flowers in the forest. They were much smaller than the white flowers but they were beautiful. Butterfly and bee like to come to these flowers for harvesting their nectar. These rainforest insects help the pollination process of the flowers before they produce fruits and seeds that are important for the regeneration of most of the plants in the forest. Birds will eat the fruits and drop the seeds around the forest. This is a beautiful thing that we can learn from the complex ecosystem of the tropical rainforest. Therefore, we have to preserve this precious environment. There are a lot of things that we can see and study inside a tropical rainforest.

Because this kind of flower can only grow in the tropical rainforest, taking its seeds or roots and planting them in environments that are dry and cold will not be successful. As a tourist guide in Manokwari, I provide tours to travelers who want to go hiking and camping inside tropical rainforest of West Papua. If you are interested, you can contact me via my email peace4wp@gmail.com
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