Sunday, October 9, 2011

Traveling with 4 Polish Tourists in Mansinam and Lemon

Mansinam is still an attractive destination for tourists. This tiny tropical island in the Dorey bay of Manokwari is covered with tropical rainforest. Its southern coast where coral reefs thrive is a nice place for snorkeling. I went to Mansinam and Lemon islands several days ago. While in Mansinam island, we had the opportunity to see cassowary bird, and pigeon. After that we had coconuts as our lunch.
In Lemon island, an old Papuan man named Om Jordan has got a wooden house that can be used by travelers. Posters of famous football clubs in Europe decorate the walls of his cottage. Tourists can sleep here if they want to enjoy the relax and quiet atmosphere of the island. It is not difficult to visit the islands. Just go to Ketapang boat station located in Kwawi area and wait for a water taxi there.
If you are more interested in traveling around the interior region of West Papua to see birds of paradise, insects, and other wild animals, you can go to Senopi village. It's Aiwatar hill is a world class birding destination. Don't forget to bring a good telephoto camera with its extra batteries. by Charles Roring

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