Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lobster from Manokwari of West Papua

I like guiding tourists around the Northern Coast of Manokwari where tourists can enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches and eat lobster freshly caught from the sea. The following is the video which I recorded last Sunday, 11 July 2010, as a way to promote eco-tourism in Manokwari and part of my project in empowering the local Papuan people develop their economy more sustainably.
When I was at Pantura beach, I remembered some Russian tourists who came to Manokwari in January 2010. They also visited the Pantura region to enjoy the beautiful beaches in Manokwari especially in Yonsoribo area. Yesterday, I tried to upload the above video whose size was 119 MB, through a dial-up connection, to my account in Youtube. It was a nerve wracking experience. It took around five and a half hours uploading the file and I still failed. Now, it is Thursday 15 July 2010, 2.51 A.M. I am happy because I have just successfully uploaded this file to I had to cut some scenes from my videos to reduce the size of the above lobster video into 106 MB.
I used Windows Movie Maker to edit and combine my videos recorded from Pantura area of Manokwari into a 4:13 minute video that you can watch above or at Youtube. I hope that you can enjoy the beautiful paradise of the tropical island of Papua (formerly known as the Netherlands New Guinea) and become interested in visiting Manokwari. If you want to visit Manokwari and need more information about this city and its surrounding eco-tourism attractions, please, contact me - Manokwari Tourist Guide: Charles Roring by email to 

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