Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wooden Boats in Manokwari Bay

Dorey bay of Manokwari is the center of marine activities for seafarers. They can be fishermen, merchants or passengers waiting for wooden boats. As a boat enthusiast, I like taking pictures of the boats in this bay. Boats are important marine vehicles that function as means of transportation for the villagers living along the coastal villages of West Papua province.
These boats transport goods and people to villages in places as far as Numfoor island and Wondama regency. One of the boats that interest me most is a passenger wooden boat that was designed and constructed to look like the modern steel vessels operated by PELNI, a state owned passenger liner in Indonesia. Although they are different in sizes and materials. Both of them play the same role - transporting passengers.
If PELNI ships transport passengers and cargoes throughout the Indonesian archipelago, this passenger wooden boat transports people and goods to Oransbari, Ransiki, Windesi and perhaps Wasior town around the Cendrawasih or Geelvinkbaai.
If you visit Manokwari, I suggest that you take a short trip to Anggrem area of the city to see the beauty of the bay and the daily activities of the people living near the beach with their boats and canoes as their marine crafts. by Charles Roring
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