Saturday, March 3, 2018

Rainforest Animals in Tambrauw Mountains

Deers were running in Kamundan river of
Tambrauw Mountains
When I run tours, I often see rainforest animals. The variety of species is high particularly in lowland and lower montane forest that is still in pristine condition. One example is the Aiwatar forest in Tambrauw mountains of West Papua province, the Republic of Indonesia. Aiwatar is located in remote region. The nearest village is Senopi. During my hiking trip in the area, I was able to watch deers, wild pigs, snake, beetles and butterflies, frogs and a lot of species of birds, including birds of paradise.
Male Lesser Birds of Paradise in Tambrauw
It was a vey exciting experience for me to watch deers running across the river, and male Lesser Birds of Paradise (Paradisaea minor) performing courtship dance to seduce win the heart and mate with their female counterparts. 
Because of its remote location, Tambrauw mountains cannot be reached anytime. A trip to the region has to be planned several months earlier. So, if you plan to visit rainforest of Tambrauw mountains to see its wild animals, please, contact me using the form available on the right side of this blog or e-mail to: I can also be contacted by whatsapp at the following number: +6281332245180. written by Charles Roring.
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