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Birding in Paddy Fields of District Sonder in Minahasa Highland

I often do birding work in the mornings and afternoons to find more species of birds in the forest, farmlands, water stream, and paddy fields of District Sonder in Minahasa highland.
sightseeing walking tour and birdwatching in rice field
Some birds in the paddy field of District Sonder, Minahasa highland - Barred Rail, Purple Heron, Cattle Egret, Eastern Yellow Wagtail

Chestnut Munia also called Black-headed Munia (Lonchura atricapilla)
Chestnut Munia
In paddy fields of Talikuran and Tincep villages, I see several interesting species such as White-breasted Woodswallow, Collared Kingfisher, Cattle Egret, Little Egret, Purple Heron, White-browed Crake, Barred Rail, Eastern Yellow Wagtail, Chestnut Munia (also called Black-headed Munia), Scaly-breasted Munia, Eurasian Treesparrow, Gray Teal, and Sunda Teal. I used to see Cinnamon Bittern but not so frequent. 
White-breasted Woodswallow  (Artamus leucorynchus)
White-breasted Woodswallow
The paddy field off Talikuran village is quite hidden from car traffic. It is an ideal site for visitors who want to enjoy walking tour for sightseeing and birdwatching. 
The White-breasted Woodswallow like to sit on electrical wire at the roadside along the edge of paddy fields. But they sometimes fly higher and land on palm leaf or the branch of tall tree, when they feel threatened by my presence. I often try to walk closer to photograph them.
Collared Kingfisher (Todiramphus chloris)
Collared Kingfisher
More Cattle Egret could be watched if there are farmers who in the paddy fields running their plowing machines. The bird like to follow from behind to feed on small fish and other water animals that are exposed by the plow blades. 

Collared Kingfisher like to stand on tall branches of trees at the edge of paddy fields. To take pictures of the bird, birdwatchers need to use a digital camera that is equipped with telephoto lens of a length around 400 to 600 mm. 
Zebra Dove (Geopelia striata)
Zebra Dove in District town of Sonder, Minahasa Highland
There are also Rock Pigeon (Columba livia) and Zebra Dove (Geopelia striata) that like to walk on the concrete floor that is used by farmers to dry their harvest of rice grain under the sun. It is not only water birds that we can watch when we do the walking tour.
Where is Sonder? How to go there?
Sonder is a small district town in Minahasa regency of the Province of North Sulawesi. The entry point to visit this region is Manado city. 
Every day, there are flights between Manado city and major cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Denpasar, Balikpapan, Makassar and Sorong. 
International direct flights exist between Manado and Singapore served by Scoot Air; between Guangzhou and Manado city served by China Southern Airlines.
Flight route to Manado city

traveling to Minahasa highland
Land route to Tomohon town and District Sonder in Minahasa highland

Most tourists travel to Manado city to enjoy scuba diving in Bunaken, Manado Tua, Siladen and Lembeh Strait. 
They can combine their marine trips with this walking tour in District Sonder during their trip in Indonesia.
If you are interested in taking a birding tour in District town of Sonder in Minahasa highland and want me to organize your tour, please, contact me by whatsapp to: +6281332245180 or by email to: 

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