Monday, February 12, 2018

Watching Common Paradise Kingfisher in Manokwari

Common Paradise Kingfisher (Tanysiptera galatea)
Common Paradise Kingfisher (Tanysiptera galatea) is a beautiful bird that can be watched in Susnguakti forest of Arfak mountains of Manokwari. I saw bird several times at a slope near the birding ground of Lesser Birds of Paradise. The head, back and tail of the bird are blue. The tips of its long tails of the bird have got two round feather resembling racquets. That's why it is also called Racquet-tailed Kingfisher.
Racquet-tailed Kingfisher (Tanysiptera galatea)
In 1858, Alfred Russel Wallace visited Dorey (modern Manokwari regency in West Papua).  He was able to collect the specimen of this bird. Although it is called Common Paradise Kingfisher, actually, it is not that common. I have been visiting the lower montane tropical rainforest of Arfak mountains for 10 years and I could only see the bird twice.
Susnguakti forest is located in the south of Manokwari city. As a matter of fact, it is in the eastern region of Arfak mountains. To reach the forest, visitors need to go by car or motorcycle for one hour and then continued their trip by hiking steep slopes of Arfak range for 1 hour. There is a basecamp that I and local villagers have prepared for tourists.
Hiking in Susnguakti forest of Arfak mountains - Manokwari
In addition to this paradise kingfisher, visitors can also watch King Bird of Paradise, Lesser Birds of Paradise, Magnificent Riflebird, Black-capped Lory, Hooded Butcherbird and etc.
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