Friday, February 23, 2018

Green-backed Robin from Arfak Mountains

Birding tour in West Papua with Charles Roring
Green-backed Robin
I have just completed a tropical birding tour with 2 Swiss tourists in Arfak mountains. We spent 3 days/ 2 nights hiking, and watching birds. During the tour, they were able to watch Western Parotia, female Black Sicklebill, Mountain Owlet-nightjar, Feline Owlet-nightjar and Green-backed Robin.
The Green-backed Robin was the easiest bird to find. There was a cleared path that connected the guesthouse where we stayed with the main road. When I walked quietly and slowly in the morning at approximately 10.00 morning time, I saw the bird walking and hopping on the ground. I had anticipated this by turning on my camera in advance.
As soon as the bird stood still on the ground, I aimed my camera, adjusted the lens and pressed the shutter button. I was able to make some good pictures. The bird flew to a nearby branch and sat on it quietly. I took some photograps of him again. He was not afraid of me at all. I was happy with my pictures.
The best way to take pictures of this Green-backed Robin is by walking slowly, and quietly along the path. I have done it several times and I could see the birds using my Visionking 10x42 mm Bak4 prism Binoculars.
Nature tour in Arfak mountains with Charles Roring
Rhododendron zoelleri
I also saw 2 kinds of Ground Doves which I still could not identify. The field guide Birds of New Guinea could not give me exact description which I could use as a reference to identify them.
In addition to birds, I also saw beautiful flowers that were endemic to Arfak mountains such as Rhododendron zoelleri, Rhododendron konori, New Guinea impatient, as well as other beautiful flowers which I did not know their English and Latin names. Rhododendron zoelleri had yellow-orange colours that attracted the attention of anybody who passed by the flower plant. Rhododendron konori whose petals were white had a very fragrant smell. All these flowers were very beautiful and were worth seeing. There was red Hibiscus but I was not sure whether it was endemic or not.

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