Saturday, July 8, 2017

Rainforest Flowers in Mesirrokow River of Manokwari

Terrestrial Orchid "Yellow Crown"
 in Lowland Forest of Manokwari
I organize hiking, camping and wildlife watching tours in the rainforest of Mesirrokow in Manokwari regency. Visitors who book the tours go there to watch birds. But there are also tourists who are interested in seeing tropical flowers as well.
An Ideal Site for Flowers to Grow
The wide open space that is created by rivers in Mesirrokow forest is an ideal site for a lot of species of wild flowers to grow. There is enough sunlight, and abundant water as well as shades provided by large trees that grow on both sides of the river.
Four Yellow Petal Flower in Manokwari Lowland Forest
Every time I visit Mesirrokow forest, I always spend time in looking for beautiful and colorful flowers. When I see them I take pictures for documentation and identification purposes. There is a blue-yellow terrestrial orchids that grows under the shades of big trees near the footpath where tourists, hunters, and farmers walk through. I still don't know its scientific/ latin name. Its leaves are slender and long and have got dark green color.
There is also yellow flower that grows on the side of the river whose soil consists of a lot of gravel and sand. But the flower plant looks so healthy. I still cannot identify it. Tropical flowers in lowland forest of Mesirrokow grow well and are pollinated by bees, other insects and birds.

If you are interested in visiting Mesirrokow forest to see its natural beauty, its birds, flowers and butterflies, you could book a 3 to 4 day hiking and camping tour with me (Charles Roring) to: and whatsapp: +6281332245180.

How to get there?
  • Fly from your country to Jakarta city, the capital of Indonesia
  • Take a domestic airlines such as Garuda, Xpress Air, Sriwijaya and etc to fly to Manokwari city and organize your rainforest flower watching tour in Mesirrokow forest.
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