Saturday, July 22, 2017

Riverwalk Tour in Manokwari Lowland Forest

There are a lot of big and small rivers in Manokwari which tourists can explore to see exotic tropical plants and animals of West Papua's rainforest. One of them is Mesirrokow river-forest located in the west of Manokwari city. As a tourist guide, I have organized a number of riverwalk birding and wildlife tours for visitors who come from France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and several other European and North American countries.
Visitors who take this riverwalk tour can stay in tents in the jungle of Mesirrokow for several days to watch birds, butterflies and other wild animals, see the beautiful landscape of the tropical rainforest,  unique and beautiful flowers, swim in the river.
Riverwalk Tour in Manokwari Lowland Forest
Birdwatchers who want to go there should bring binoculars, spotting scope, and digital camera with telephoto lens as well as field guide birdwatching book "Birds of New Guinea" written by Thane K. Pratt and Bruce Beehler. Birds that live in the lowland of Manokwari play important roles in the ecosystem of the forest. They eat fruits and disperse seeds to every corner of the forest. Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, Palm Cockatoo, Eclectus Parrot, Papuan Hornbill, Pinon Imperial Pigeon, Western Crowned Pigeon, Beautiful Fruit Dove, Great Cuckoo Dove, Yellow capped Pymy Parrot, Yellow-faced Myna, Golden Myna, and etc.
Papuan Blyth's Hornbill (Rhyticeros plicatus)
Wild Animals
It is not only birds that live in the forest but also other animals such as soa-soa monitor lizard, wallaby, deer, wild pigs, snakes, fruit bats, and thousands of species of insects. Local people like to go hunting in the forest to catch deer and wild pigs. Butterflies such as Ornithoptera priamus, Taenaris catops, Vindula arsinoe, Papilio ullysses can easily be seen while we walk in the forest.

Scarlet jade vine, Faradaya splendida, Monochoria vaginalis, Thunbergia grandiflora, and a lot of orchids grow in the forest. People who live in coastal villages in the area also grow flower plants in front of their houses such as hibiscus and bougainvillea.

I can provide tents, sleeping bags, cooking and eating utensils, and solar powered lamps for tourists who want to take this riverwalk tour with me in the jungle of Manokwari.
Camping in the forest of Manokwari Lowland Area
Getting there:
Fly from your country to Jakarta (the capital of Indonesia) or Bali (an important tourist hub in Indonesia).
Continue your trip to Manokwari city by taking a domestic flight. Airlines such as Sriwijaya Air, Garuda, Xpress Air, and Batik Air have got regular flight service from major cities in Indonesia to Manokwari.
When you arrive in Manokwari city, I can meet you at the airport and organize your riverwalk tour to the lowland forest.

What to bring
For staying in the forest for several days, you need to bring:
Clothing that is suitable for tropical region and for riverwalk tour such as t-shirt, shorts, water shoes. Bring bathing suit if you want to enjoy swimming in the river every day.
Binoculars and camera
Flashlight/ torch
Sunblock lotion and anti insect bites lotion

If you are interested in taking this river walk tour with me as your private guide, please, contact me by email to: or send text/ whatsapp message to: +6281332245180.
Please, note that I often guide tourists in the jungle and there is no internet connection in the middle of the forest. You may get later reply.