Friday, February 10, 2017

Birding Tour in The Forest of Manokwari

Lowland Rainforest of Manokwari
Birdlife in Tropical Moist Lowland Forest of Manokwari
The lowland forest of Manokwari is rich in birdlife. It is a good destination for visitors who want to see Papuan hornbill (Rhyticeros plicatus), Sulphur Crested Cockatoo (Cacatua galerita), Palm Cockatoo (Probosciger aterrimus), Eclectus Parrot (Eclectus rotatus), Large Fig Parrot (Psittaculirostris desmarestii), Pinon Imperial Pigeon (Ducula pinon), Brahminy Kite (Haliastur indus), Beautiful Fruit Dove (Ptilinopus pulchellus), Magnificent Riflebird (Ptiloris magnificus), Golden Myna (Mino anais), Yellow-faced Myna (Mino dumontii), Helmetted Friarbird (Philemon bucheroides) and a lot more.

Palm Cockatoo
Birding Tour
As a tourist guide, I have organized a lot of hiking and birdwatching tours in various places across West Papua. One of the destinations is the lowland rainforest of Manokwari. The duration of the birding tour is between 3 to 6 days. Because the birding activity in lowland forest is conducted in the middle of the jungle along the banks of a river, visitors will stay in tents.
I could provide tents, sleeping bags as well as other cooking and eating equipment so that visitors do not need to bring heavy bags from their home.

Birding Device
Visitors who are interested in watching birds in lowland forest of Manokwari should bring at least a good pair of binoculars.
Serious birdwatchers will bring spotting scope with tripod, laser pointer, sound recorder and a digital camera with super telephoto lens.
Field Guide
For birding in Manokwari, visitors are advised to buy Birds of New Guinea (written by Thane K Pratt and Bruce Beehler).

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In addition to watching birds in the jungle of mainland West Papua, visitors can enjoy swimming, snorkeling over the coral reef of Mansinam island. It can be done before or after the birding tour.
The beach front is a good site for snorkeling. Tropical fish such as moorish idol, parrotfish, damselfish, boxfish, surgeonfish and anemonefish can be seen at the depths between 1 to 5 meters below sea level.