Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Manokwari city today

I met 5 tourists from the Netherlands today. They arrived this morning at Rendani Airport of Manokwari. They plan to visit some places in Manokwari including Ransiki town and the north coast of the regency. After that they plan to visit Nabire for watching whaleshark and Raja Ampat for snorkeling tour in the archipelago.
When we were in Jalan Brawijaya (formerly called Panoramaweg during Dutch time), I stopped for a while to take a picture of the city from the balcony of a building. It was cloudy and we could not see the blue color of Arfak mountains.
Manokwari city
As a tourist guide, I have guided a lot of tourists on various trekking and camping tours in the jungle of Arfak. Visitors who go to the jungle with me want to see birds of paradise, cuscus possum or birdwing butterfies and beetles.
There are also coral reef sites in Dore bay of Manokwari where visitors can enjoy snorkeling, and free diving to see parrotfish, moorish idol, anemonefish, sea star, and other marine creatures. Don't forget to bring your own snorkeling gear if you want to see them.
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