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Rainforest Flower and Butterfly Watching in Sorong of West Papua

When I guide tourists on a rainforest tour in Klasow valley of Sorong regency in West Papua, I often see flowers that are unique and beautiful. Everything looks green in the forest but a white or pink flower will attract the attention of visitors. Fresh flowers that bloom in the morning attrack butterfly. That's why when we see flowers in the jungle village of Klasow valley, we will also be able to see butterflies.

Local people in Klasow valley plant a lot of zinnia and some hibiscus flowers in their jungle village. These flowers attract various species of butterfly such as Blue Mountain Swallowtail (Papilio ulysses), Meadow Argus Butterfly (Jinonia villida), Cruiser Butterfly (Vindula arsinoe), Blue Tiger Butterfly (Tirumala limniace), Taenaris Catops Butterfly and a lot more.

These beautiful butterfly collect nectar from the flowers and also help the pollination of most of the flower plants in the rainforest.
In addition to observing flowers, and butterfly, visitors who take the rainforest tour in Sorong regency of West Papua are able to watch birds. Klasow valley has been the natural habitat of Golden Myna (Mino anais), Pink-spotted Fruit Dove, Blyth's hornbill (Rhyticeros plicatus), Large Fig Parrot, and Pinon Imperial Pigeon, Western Crowned Pigeon and a lot more.

Itinerary for Rainforest Tour
Day 1
Transfer from Sorong city to Klasow valley by 4WD car (1.5 hours ride),
Walking through the forest to reach a jungle village (approx. 1.5 hours walk)
Birding around the village
Butterfly Watching

Day 2
Wake up early in the morning at around 04.30
Walk to the display tree of Lesser Birds of Paradise
Watching the paradise birds until 09.00
Walk back to the village
Jungle walk to see rainforest flowers and butterflies as well as birds 
Night walk

Day 3 
Jungle walk to Klaglass
Back to the village

Day 4
Watching Sulphur Crested Cockatoo
After lunch, we will walk back to the main road
Return to Sorong by a 4WD car.

Sightseeing and Snorkeling Tour in Raja Ampat
Besides guiding tourists in the jungle of Sorong regency and Tambrauw regency, I also offer a 5-day/ 4-night snorkeling and sightseeing tour in Raja Ampat islands. Participants of the tour will be transferred from Sorong city to one of the homestay in the archipelago and travel around the islands by motorized boat to see spectacular scenery of Raja Ampat as well as its pristine coral reef and ornamental fish.

Coral Reef in Raja Ampat islands
ITINERARY for Raja Ampat
Here is a typical itinerary that I offer to my customers:
Day 1
Leaving Sorong for Raja Ampat
We will stay at one of the homestays in the regionSnorkeling in Yenbuba strait

Day 2
Traveling to Kabui karst islets (snorkeling) and  a visit to its passage.
Snorkeling in Batu Lima or Friwen
A visit to sand bank

Day 3
Traveling to Pianemo to see its beautiful scenery on top of one of its karst islets
Snorkeling in Arborek

Day 4
Snorkeling in North West Mansuar
Snorkeling in South West Mansuar or Sawondarek

Day 5
Leaving Raja Ampat for Sorong
The above itinerary should be seen only as a reference. The places or snorkeling sites can be changed during tour depending on weather condition, tide.
Pianemo Karst Islets in Raja Ampat Archipelago

If you are interested in taking a rainforest tour in Klasow valley of Sorong regency or snorkeling and sightseeing tour in Raja Ampat, please, contact me (Charles Roring) by e-mail to: You could also use the contact form at the top right area of this blog.


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