Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Snorkeling and Sightseeing Tour in Raja Ampat

Last week, I went to Raja Ampat islands with 4 Czech tourists. We enjoyed snorkeling in a number of coral reef sites of the archipelago that are suitable for snorkelers.
We spent 5 days in Raja Ampat snorkeling in Yenbuba strait, Karst islets of Kabui bay, drop off reef of Cape Friwen, Batu Lima (Five Rocks), West Mansuar, and Sawondarek. We also visited Pianemo (Fam islands) to see its beautiful landscape from the top of one of its Karst islets.
Raja Ampat has been famous for its wealth of marine life. Biologists reported that Raja Ampat archipelago has got the highest count of reef fish species in the world. With more than 1427 species of tropical reef fish, 553 hard corals and 42 Mantis Shrimps, Raja Ampat is a must see destination for all marine lovers.
Scenery of Karst islets in Raja Ampat - photo by Charles Roring
During the snorkeling trips, we were able to see a lot of species of fish and other marine animals including parrotfish, boxfish, giant trevally, diagonal-banded sweetlips, manta, black-tip reef shark, scads, butterfly fish, butterfly fish, grouper, anemone fish, hawksbill turtle, wobbegong shark, and a lot more.

Here is a typical itinerary that I offer to my customers:
Day 1
Leaving Sorong city for Raja Ampat islands
We will stay at one of the homestays in the regency
Snorkeling in Yenbuba strait

Day 2
Traveling to Kabui karst islets (snorkeling) and a visit to its passage.
Snorkeling in Batu Lima or Friwen
A visit to sand bank across from Kri island

Day 3
Traveling to Pianemo to see its beautiful scenery on top of one of its karst islets
Snorkeling in Arborek

Day 4
Snorkeling in West Mansuar
Snorkeling in Sawondarek

Day 5
Leaving Raja Ampat for Sorong

Please, consider the above itinerary as a reference only. It can be changed during the trip  depending on weather condition.

Kri island
As a tour guide, I offer snorkeling and sightseeing tour to visitors who are interested in seeing the natural beauty of Raja Ampat both underwater and above the water.

Don't forget to bring your own snorkeling mask and fins if you want to enjoy snorkeling. A good camera for taking pictures of reef fish is also recommended.
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Rainforest Tour

Your snorkeling trip in Raja Ampat can be combined with land tour where you will be able to go trekking and wildlife watching in the rainforest of mainland West Papua. On the average, the duration of the rainforest tour is 3 to 5 days. While walking in the jungle, visitors will be able to see such birds as Blyth's hornbill, sulphur crested cockatoo, and various species of pigeons.
Trekking in the rainforest of Tambrauw Regency
Tropical rainforest of West Papua in Sorong or Tambrauw regency is also the natural habitat of wallaby, wild pigs, snakes, and colorful butterflies.
There are not any hotels in the jungle. So, visitors will stay in tents that we will prepare for them.
Camping in the jungle of Tambrauw Forest
Itinerary of Rainforest Tour
The following itinerary should be seen as reference only. The places or activities in the jungle may be adjusted to weather condition and physical fitness of the visitors.
Day 1
Pick up at hotel,
Buying food at local traditional market and supermarket
Leaving Sorong by 4 WD car for Sausapor town of Tambrauw regency
Camping at the bank of Syuan river

Day 2
Wake up early in the morning to go trekking to watch Lesser Birds of Paradise
Dismantle tents and walk up stream deeper into the jungle
Swimming, birdwatching
Overnight stay in the outdoor tents in the jungle.

Day 3
Morning walk upstream deeper into the jungle to see the rainforest ecosystem
Return to camp and lunch
Relax in the river, swimming or walking around the jungle
Overnight stay in outdoor tents

Day 4
Walking back to the main road
Transfer to Sorong city

The Great Egglfy Butterfly in the forest of Klasow Valley - West Papua
If you are interested in traveling to Raja Ampat and taking a rainforest tour in the mainland West Papua, for prices, please, contact me (Charles Roring) by email: