Monday, January 9, 2012

Hiking tours in Inggramui forest

As a new hiking destination, Inggramui forest is the natural habitat of various species of animals that are endemic to New Guinea island. Last October I conducted a tour for two Dutch tourists, Sandra and her father, to the area which lasted for 4 days/3 nights. It was really an amazing adventure for her because she was able to watch tens of blyth's hornbills (Rhyticeros Plycatus) flying back to their sleeping trees after sunset. I and the local Papuan guides who work together in developing the hiking tour program in this Inggramui forest built a small camp as a basic accommodation for tourists.
We don't use RV or recreational vehicles because such vehicles do not exist in Manokwari. This campsite is located near a river. This is an important place for watching birds, soa-soa (giant lizards) and snakes. Two days before our arrival, the Papuan guides had gone into the forest to set some animal traps. When we came, the traps got some animals such as soa-soa, fruit dove and deer. They were released after I and Sandra took pictures of them. The deer had died when the hunters found it so they cut its meat in pieces and brought them back to our camp. The next morning we were able to eat some noodle soup with chips of deer meat. The low elevation forest in Inggramui is rich in orchid flowers such as dendrobium and other tropical flowers that grow in high trees.
The Inggramui forest is a perfect destination for multiple day hiking trips. I don't recommend it for one day hiking trip because it is very far from Manokwari city. And also because there are a lot of things that you can see and do there.
The above glory vine (faradaya splendida) flower plant grows near the bank of a river around 300 meters from our base camp. Its flowers are fragrant and abundant. Because I saw it near the river, it must need a lot of water to grow.
Hikers who want to experience living in the middle of a tropical jungle should try visiting it.  The terrains are not steep in general although there are some slopes that are quite demanding to hike. Visitors do not need to bring their own tents if they want to go hiking in Inggramui forest of Manokwari. Things that they need to bring are food, sleeping bag, mosquito net and photographic equipment. A set of GPS and compass devices are also good if you want to find out where you are on the map while walking in the middle of no where. Raincoat is also needed especially during the rainy season. Hikers need durable footwear or hiking shoes that are resistant to water.
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