Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hiking tour in the north coast of Manokwari

Hiking and birdwatching in Arfak mountains are two popular eco-tourism activities that tourists like to enjoy while traveling to Manokwari. As a matter of fact, there are other destinations that I offer to tourists who like hiking. One of them is the north coast of Manokwari. There are two hiking tour routes in the north coast of Manokwari that I have developed and promoted to visitors. The first one is in Asai and the second one is in Inggramui. The hiking track in Asai is more moderate for jungle explorer because it is located along a river and can be covered in one or two days hiking. Inggramui forest is more suitable for multiple day hiking. Both routes are unique and beautiful. As a hiking guide who have accompanied a lot of tourists, I highly recommend Inggramui forest due to its isolated location and abundance of wildlife. Last year I guided two Dutch travelers on a 4 day/ 3 night hiking tour in the tropical rainforest of Inggramui. This tour had been prepared for them two months earlier. During the jungle walks in Inggramui, we were able to see a lot of hornbills, sulphur crested cockatoo, fruit dove, two big soa-soa (giant lizards whose overall lengths were between 1.6 to 2 meters) and colorful orchids.
To make pictures of the birds in high trees, you will need a photo camera with telephoto or super zoom capability. If you don't have one, you can buy a Nikon Coolpix P510. It has got 42 x optical zoom (which is equivalent to 1,000 mm in 35 mm lens format) can easily magnify tiny subject such as the birds of paradise in tall trees. Nikon Coolpix P510 is a compact point and shoot camera that is suitable to hikers. It can produce images with 16.1 MP picture quality. This affordable camera will be available on the shelves of camera stores in March 2012.
The tropical rainforest of Inggramui, located in the northern area of Manokwari regency, is unknown to tourists because it is a new hiking destination in Manokwari. I highly recommend this forest as hiking tour destination to tourists to support my program in converting local hunters to become hiking guides so that the ecosystem of the Inggramui forest can be preserved for future generations of Papuan people.
Travelers who take hiking tour in Asai can also enjoy snorkeling on the second day of their trip in the northern coast of Manokwari particularly between May and October. The coral reef along the shore of Asai and Kaki island are worth snorkeling. Most tourists bring their own hiking shoes or camping boots when going to West Papua but I suggest that they buy a pair of jungle boots in Manokwari city for a price that is less than 7 Euro. The jungle boots are made of rubber and are more durable for walking in the river. If your feet size is larger than 42 (which is the maximum size of boots that are sold in Manokwari), you need to buy boots in your country. Or you can buy them through an online store. Please, try the following hiking boots by clicking on the picture below:

In addition to wearing hiking shoes or jungle boots and t-shirts, tourists need to apply insect repellent lotion all over their exposed skins to protect themselves from mosquito bites. Such lotion is sold in most of the shops in Manokwari. Mosquito net is also needed if they want to stay for several nights in the forest. I can provide mosquito net. You need a high quality waterproof backpack for hiking through the north coast of Manokwari. If you haven't got one, I recommend that you buy it from your local backpacking supply store. Or you can buy the following backpack from online store if you click on the image.
Because tours to the rainforest of Asai and Inggramui have been part of my eco-tourism program, transportation, local guides, and campsites (including tents) have been prepared for receiving tourists. Please, contact me via my email or call me or send whatsapp message via my cell phone +62081332245180 if you are interested in hiking in Manokwari. by Charles Roring
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