Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hiking tour from Mokwam to Anggi Lakes

The mountain range of Arfak is a great hiking tour destination. There are three hikers from Poland who are now hiking through the Arfak mountains from Mokwam village to Anggi Lakes and then down to District Ransiki. The terrains in Arfak mountains are quite demanding and often muddy due to high rainfall.
The Polish backpackers contacted me a few days ago asking whether I could arrange a 4WD car to transport them from Manokwari city to Mokwam region. After making a few phone conversations with car driver in Wosi area of Manokwari city and guesthouse owner in Kwau village, finally, I could send a green light signal to the Polish travelers that they could go to the mountains early the next morning.
They spent 2 nights in Kwau village where they enjoyed their hiking tour and birdwatching. Kwau is a small village in Mokwam region of Arfak mountains that has been listed in my eco-tourism program for tourists who want to watch the magnificent birds of paradise, the western parotia, the vogelkop bower bird.
The main goal of the ecotourism program is to empower the indigenous Papuan people so that they can economically improve their standards of living and at the same time preserve their natural environment. New Guinea is the largest tropical island in the world. Much of its territory is still covered by tropical rainforest. Yet, the rate of deforestation, particularly in West Papua province is high. Large areas of flat land in Prafi and Masni are being cleared for logging industry and palm oil plantation. The hiking tour packages that we provide to tourists will provide jobs to the indigenous Papuan people so that they will get economic benefits from their pristine rainforest and the wealth of bio-diversity in their natural surroundings without having to destroy them.
All travelers who want to go hiking or trekking through Arfak mountains must prepare enough warm cloth and food. Normally, it takes 2 days from Kwau to Anggi lakes but hikers with good physical condition and better preparation can do it in just one day walking from morning to evening.
Don't forget to bring matches, and if necessary some kerosene. Head light is also recommended but the most important thing is the food and warm clothing. Water proof sleeping bag and tents are needed especially when you have to sleep in outdoor environment by a river or in the forest.
Vegetables, sweet potatoes and fruits can be purchased from the local villages along the road from Kwau village to Anggi Lakes. Tourists must bring small bank notes for that purpose. The hiking trip from Anggi lakes to Ransiki is a down hill walk and can be accomplished in one whole day walking.
For safety reason, don't walk alone. You need to walk in a group of at least two persons (more is better) accompanied by 1 local guide/ interpreter.
Recommended Hiking Tent
Most often, hikers need to take a rest a places where there are no local villagers around. In other words, hikers need to spend one or two nights camping in the jungle. The wet climate of the tropical rainforest in West Papua will be a challenging experience for most of the hikers particularly during the rainy days. When it rains, the ground can be muddy. So, hikers need tent that is water resistant, and big enough to accommodate several people inside it. In addition, it will not soaked in muddy soil when the rain comes. As a tour guide, I recommend the following tent which you can buy it online by clicking the image of the tent. This hiking tent will keep hikers dry and away from snakes and bugs.

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